Resource conservation & circularity

Stack of Lyle's Golden Syrup tins

Resource conservation & circularity

We will design our packaging for circularity, ensuring we use the minimum packaging possible to get our products safely to our customers, and that it is recyclable, reusable or renewable  

Natural resources are finite, so we will utilise them to the best of our abilities. Packaging keeps our products safe for transportation and consumption while helping us reduce food waste.  However, we recognise we have a responsibility to minimise the natural resources that we use while ensuring any waste we create is eliminated, reused, or recycled. 

Our ambitions

We will work towards ensuring that 100% of our packaging found in customers’ homes is recyclable by 2025. 

We will work towards ensuring that 100% of all our packaging materials, including industrial and shipping packaging material, is reusable, recyclable, or renewable by 2030.

While our packaging to product ratio is low at 1.5% when compared to other categories in the food industry, we will continuously reduce packaging material use where feasible, looking for thinner, lighter and stronger materials.

We are already 99.8% zero waste to landfill within our own operation, but we will be 100% zero waste to landfill by 2030. The 0.2% we need to tackle to get to our target is a refining process related waste stream that currently does not have a recycle or reuse pathway.

We will work with customers to provide data on the carbon intensity of different sugar specifications and continue to develop our lower carbon product range.