Through the month of March many of our colleagues in London have been participating in our third annual ASR Miles for Minds initiative – a fun challenge during the month of March to walk, run, cycle and swim to raise awareness for mental wellbeing and the positive role of physical exercise in helping achieve it.

The department of operations has emerged as the winner of the Miles for Minds 2023 challenge, with Global Sugars Group coming in as a close second.


An impressive 390 employees from 30 different sites worldwide participated in the challenge, with activities being completed in 15 countries around the world. Together, they covered a total of 22,320 miles.

What’s more, this has improved the sustainability of how of some of us get to work. Most of the 2714 miles cycled during this month have been in cycling commutes through London. Every mile completed by bike rather than car saves a typical 220 grams of CO2 emissions, this may not seem much, but everyone’s miles add up to over 500kg of avoided emissions over the course of the challenge!

“I find myself a better person cycling to work.  I can process my workday while riding home and be ready for family time more so than being wedged next to strangers on public transit.  The other side benefit is I can keep my excessive eating habits with little or no impact to my physique.” Daniel Meach, Manager – Bulk Operations

We hope these positive commute changes will be sustained as we enter the better weather of the summer, and with the planned installation of a shed roof at Thames to keep our bikes dry in the winter, we can keep this up all year round.

“For me, besides the sustainability benefits … the chance to unwind, escape and get fit are the main draws to cycling to work. Can’t beat a sunny, blue sky, 1°C ride in to work at 7 in the morning – it is a real joy!” Matthew Whitwell, Head of Logistics and Customer Services