We have installed 34 new EV charge points at Thames & Plaistow. Our investment in these new EV charging points is part of our Employer of Choice Commitment and our commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

The EV chargers have been installed for all colleagues to use, but we hope they will in particular help those who would like to move to an electric vehicle, but don’t have the ability to install a car charger at home. This is particularly an issue in London, where many homes do not have a dedicated driveway, or shared car parks in apartments don’t have charging facilities.

“This is yet another benefit to support our Employer of Choice Commitment. We know not every colleague is ready or able to make the switch to an electric vehicle yet. But we hope the investment in these chargers shows our commitment to supporting our colleagues when the time comes for them to consider their next vehicle.” Gaynor Powley, Senior Director, Human Resources.

Ian St. John, Senior Vice President, European Operations, is leading our work to decarbonise our European plants “I hope these new charge points will enable our employees to consider making the switch to an electric vehicle. It won’t be right for everyone. But every kilo of carbon emissions we can help to reduce counts.”