Happy 125th birthday to University of East London!

We wanted to congratulate UEL on their landmark 125th anniversary. They are a true East London Institution (one of the very few nearly as old as our sugar factories!) who continue to play a major role in civic, community and business life in Newham alongside their core educational purpose. We have collaborated with them for many years on a range of projects, but one of the most exciting examples is The Sugarcrete TM project. It uses sugarcane bio-waste (bagasse) to produce sustainable construction material. It was an honour to be invited to attend the visit of His Majesty King Charles to UEL to celebrate the 125th anniversary, that was made even more special by see the interest the King displayed in the Sugarcrete TM   slabs.

Happy 125th Birthday UEL!

 Photo: His Majesty The King viewing a “Sugarcrete” structural slab with Dean of the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering Professor David Tann and Elena Shilova of Grimshaw Architects.