New energy tool kits deployed across ASR Group refineries, factories and mills, including at our Thames Refinery and Plaistow Wharf factory, are helping to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Thermal imaging camera helps identify steam leaksThe tool kits help us find and quantify sources of energy loss throughout our plants and identify opportunities to continuously improve our energy management. The tool kit includes nine pieces of equipment, ranging from an ultrasonic detector to a thermal imaging camera, that identify sources of energy, heat, air and steam loss, as well as inefficiencies in equipment such as motors. The kit also helps us monitor equipment to optimise peak demand and energy usage and shut down unnecessary loads. Teams at each site will use the tool kit to track daily, weekly and monthly energy performance so they can evaluate and implement energy efficiency projects.

Sustainability Engineers, Maintenance Managers and other tool kit users were trained on how to use the kit, which involved both classroom and hands-on training at Thames and Plaistow.

“By equipping our facilities across the globe with the same tool kit and training, we’re not only going to drive energy and cost savings at each site, but we will also be able to benchmark and share best practices to improve our energy management, operational reliability, efficiency and sustainability,” said Mukesh K. Jha, Chief Sustainability Officer, ASR Group.

At Thames Refinery, Mohamed Ismail, our Senior Energy Engineer, is helping colleagues in the Sustainability, Projects, and Maintenance teams integrate the toolkits into their pre-existing maintenance routines, such as checking for compressed air leaks. The kit’s ultrasonic probe helps make identifying leaks even easier, helping us take a more proactive approach to maintenance.

The tool kits are expected to improve each facility’s energy efficiency and drive a reduction of 1,124 MT of CO2 across our company.