Tate & Lyle Sugars hosts Newham’s “Junior Citizens” at Thames Refinery

This week, we are pleased to host the Junior Citizen Programme at our Thames Refinery. By the end of the two-week programme, over 1,000 children from 60 Newham primary schools will have learned skills that could potentially save their lives.

Aimed at students making the transition to secondary school, the Junior Citizen Programme introduces year 6 students to key life skills that will help keep them safe online and in everyday life, such as road safety, drug and alcohol awareness, fire safety and online safety.

We have been hosting the Junior Citizens Programme at our Thames Refinery since 1998 with roughly 30,000 Newham children benefitting from the programme since then.

Students engage in a range of fun and engaging activities, including simulated emergency situations. Some of the hands-on activities include boarding a London bus and making a 999 call. Students also learn about “Chicken Shop Grooming” and how to avoid being indebted to gang members for accepting free food outside a chicken shop on a local high street. The activities are delivered by the London Fire Brigade, Transport for London, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Newham College and the Metropolitan Police Service.

“Thank you to Tate & Lyle Sugars for hosting us. The Junior Citizens programme could not exist without your generous hosting and support.” Darrell Joseph, Police officer, youth engagement, Newham.

Signs showing Junior Citizens programme being hosted by Tate & Lyle

There is no higher priority than safety at Tate & Lyle Sugars, so we’re proud to host the Junior Citizens programme at our Refinery.

“It’s an intense but effective day for the children, where they learn useful life skills that are difficult to teach in a classroom. But it also looks like they’re having a great time!” Claire Crill, Head of Corporate Affairs, Tate & Lyle Sugars