Belize Sugar millWe are celebrating the fifth ProTerra re-certification for social responsibility and environmental sustainability for our supplier Belize Sugar Industries (BSI). BSI is part of ASR Group, and a supplier of raw cane sugar to our Thames Refinery.

Proterra is a widely recognised international standard focused on key issues including respecting human rights, good labour and agricultural practices, and protection of biodiversity. Every year, an independent auditor carries out the external audit against the ProTerra Standard. To achieve Proterra certification, a supplier must comply with 80% of all indicators, including all core indicators. In 2023, BSI achieved re-certification with no non-conformities.

ProTerra’s main focus areas are:

  • Human rights and good labour practices, such as workplace safety, equal opportunities, and no child and forced labour.
  • Good agricultural practices, regarding soil fertility, water management and efforts to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Review of biodiversity, land conservation and special focus on non-GMO requirements.

This re-certification is the latest positive step in our journey to sourcing 100% sustainable sugar, and confirms our ongoing commitment to ensure the raw sugar that arrives at our Thames Refinery comes from suppliers who respect human and labour rights and minimise environmental impacts.