Tate & Lyle Sugars has partnered with several innovative companies developing best in class technologies to help us reach our goals. The general term “decarbonisation” can be discussed in terms of “Energy Efficiency” (EE) and “Deep Decarbonisation” (DD).

Both of these approaches have been and are being actively investigated in our mission to reach net zero. Energy Efficiency is a key starting point, as it makes good sustainability sense to use the minimal amount of energy possible and then ensure that any energy used has minimal environmental impact. This can be achieved either by being a non-fossil fuel energy source, or, if a fossil fuel is utilised, then capturing and sequestering the resulting carbon dioxide emissions, so that they are not released to the atmosphere.  

We are delighted to have received a number of grants from the UK Government’s Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) to explore both DD and EE, providing an exciting opportunity to look at the real world adoption of technologies that could help us, and hundreds of other small and medium-sized factories like ours in the UK, decarbonise. 

Our EE work is focused on maximising the efficiency of our process and we are pleased that we have recently been awarded an IETF grant for this work.