We are currently investing in ambitious operational efficiency and renewable energy projects to reach our goals. These efforts are broadly split into three workstreams.  

Level A Workstream:

Continuous improvement and relentless efficiency: We are optimising and upgrading our refining technology, equipment and processes to maximise efficiency today while making sure we are ready for the emerging technologies of tomorrow. New and upgraded vacuum pans, compressors and dryers are already having a direct impact on our carbon emissions as they require less energy to run. The switch to LED lighting at our Thames Refinery and Plaistow plant planned for 2023 will significantly reduce electrical load.

Level B Workstream:

Proven technology: We are currently identifying the technical pathway to decarbonise our Thames Refinery to achieve our 2030, 2040 and 2050 goals. In addition to upgrading to LED lighting and high efficiency pumps, we are planning significant capital investment programmes. These programmes will implement proven large-scale process improvement technologies, which challenge the way we make sugar with a focus on energy and water optimisations and reutilisation.   

Level C Workstream:

Emerging Technology: We are developing and testing emerging technology at our plants to understand how we will apply them in the future. Solutions might include electrification of manufacturing processes; carbon capture and utilisation; industrial ecology (finding opportunities to put waste heat from our operations to productive use); and hydrogen as a fuel.