We have refined raw cane sugar and made Lyle’s Golden Syrup in Newham, east London for over a century, and apprenticeships and our apprentices have been central to our success for nearly as long. 

Utilising around 80% of our UK Apprenticeship Levy, a levy on our annual payroll, we are funding around 30 apprenticeships across departments such as IT, engineering and packing, as well as MBAs and professional courses and qualifications such as ACCA. The majority of our apprentices are current staff continuing their professional development by learning new skills while they work.  

“I earn a valuable qualification as well as a salary while I train. It is a great experience for those who want to see the industry in real-life scenarios. There is so much to learn from your experienced co-workers, and the company will support you every step of the way in order to reach your goal to be fully qualified and skilled in your craft.” Carl Reyes, Engineering Apprentice. 

As a testament to the success of the apprenticeship scheme, Tate & Lyle Sugars was recognised as a finalist by the Education & Skills Funding Agency in 2021. 

With the remaining balance of our Apprenticeship Levy, we are funding three Careers Adviser apprenticeships at one of our charity partners, 15Billionebp. The apprentices are developing skills to provide impartial information, advice and guidance to support young people, helping them to overcome barriers affecting their progress, make effective decisions and take positive action to aid their progression to education, employment and training opportunities. Through sponsorship of these three apprenticeships, we are enabling 15billionebp to support more young people to realise their full potential and transform their future.