Our friends at the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CFSI) in Belize are celebrating International Jaguar Day today by teaming up with a local high school to raise awareness of the magnificent jaguars that live in Belize.

Jaguars once roamed freely between an area stretching from the southwest United States to the grasslands of central Argentina. Over the years, their range has been greatly reduced due to the building of roads and farmland, and their numbers have been reduced around the world due to hunting, poaching and conflict with communities.

Local NGOs and the Government of Belize has taken, and continues to take, steps to protect jaguar populations, including CSFI. Jaguars roam huge distances including outside of reserves, and studies are being undertaken in to how their populations can be protected and encouraged to thrive through new conservation efforts including nature corridors to link reserves. Awareness days like International Jaguar Day and outreach with local schools are key to engaging local communities to appreciate and understand jaguars to help reduce the risks of conflict between jaguars and communities.