In the UK, we are lucky enough to be able to take services like rubbish collection for granted thanks to the low cost and easy access, however in many places around the world, communities must manage this themselves.

This essential task takes on even more importance where the rubbish might be dangerous.

Fairtrade has strict rules about what chemicals can be used by its member farmers, including the safe disposal of the chemical containers that can still pose a hazard.  The Fairtrade standards require these containers are disposed of safely and responsibly.

To meet the rules of Fairtrade, the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers’ Association used its Fairtrade Premium from Tate & Lyle Sugars sales to create a waste management programme that addresses the correct ways to dispose of agrochemical containers, with training delivered directly to farmers on how to implement the programme at their own sites.

Farmers now triple rinse containers which have contained agrochemicals, and puncture them so that they can’t be re-used for other purposes. The Association has also purchased special trailers which are moved between villages to collect the containers and dispose of them safely.

This is just one example of the everyday issues that the Fairtrade Premium continues collaborate with communities to address.