In the last 15 years, Tate & Lyle Sugars’ Fairtrade partnership has collaborated with thousands of small-scale sugar cane farmers and their communities.

Tate & Lyle Sugar’s payment of Fairtrade Premium to the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers’ Association, enabled the association to run a training programme in communication and business skills for women and young people. This contributed to providing them with the skills needed to set up small businesses.

One participant in the scheme was Ms Neima. Her business, the Nimsi Bakery, specialises in baking fresh salt and sweet bread. She has increased her bread production to 150 caprichos and 80 salt bread and has minimised waste by using it to make and sell bread pudding. The Premium enabled her to purchase the necessary equipment to grow and expand her business.

The Nimsi Bakery is just one of many businesses which have been positively impacted by Fairtrade in Belize.